About One Hour BehindHey there! I’m Chloe. I created One Hour Behind for the Millennial traveler. My goal is to help people who have always wanted to move abroad make that dream come true. I also love telling readers about the amazing places I visit (mostly in Latin America––I’m kinda in love with the place).

Here’s a bit more about what you’ll find on One Hour Behind.

Live & Work Abroad

  • Tips for finding a job abroad—stop procrastinating and finally make it happen!
  • Advice on expat living

Work With Me

I do one-on-one coaching to help people find their dream job abroad. Email me at chloe AT onehourbehind.co

Travel in Latin America

  • Discover the best things to see and do in Latin America’s most charming cities (Mexico City, Cartagena, Medellín)
  • Tips and guides for travel in Latin America
  • Foodie guides to the best cities in Latin America
  • How to plan an amazing solo trip

Work With Me

I help people design customized, authentic travel experiences around Latin America. Email me at chloe AT onehourbehind.co if you’d like to learn more.

More About Me

In the Spring of 2010, I moved to Mexico City without knowing a single person and without speaking a word of Spanish. I had a paid internship lined up, and that was it. I planned on staying six months or so, and I ended up staying four-and-a-half years.

But that wasn’t my first time moving abroad. I studied in Italy (twice) and London in high school and college, and I moved to London immediately after college to work at a contemporary art gallery.

I’ve traveled all over Europe, Mexico and Colombia, and next month I’ll spend two weeks in Ecuador. I’m now fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to work from anywhere (as long as I have a good internet connection!). In fact, I’m writing this from a coffee shop in Mexico City’s trendy La Roma neighborhood.

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